Banana muffins with oats

Banana muffins with oats

Hello friends, we are going to show you how to make the yummiest, clean and delicious banana oatmeal muffin cups. These muffin cups are super moist and flavorful and they make a great grab-and-go breakfast or a great afternoon snack. we’re making healthy and delicious banana muffins with oats.

These muffins are entirely plant-based and they have no oils added also. You can actually take them right out of the wrapper we research wrappers and these were the best. Also, you can make these with or without chocolate chips. It’s perfect both ways and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we do. So let’s get started.

Easy steps to prepare banana muffins with oats

First, we’re going to actually make homemade oat flour. we’re using just rolled oats and placing them into our Vitamix.


This is not a dry good container this is actually the container it came with so you don’t need to use any fancy containers to make oat flour.


 Now we’re going to start with the wet ingredients we’re using overripe bananas to not only sweeten this recipe but also act as the binder because there are no eggs, not flax eggs or even a Chia egg. 

banana crush

And then we’re going to also use our homemade oat milk. And afterward, for the flavoring, we will utilize genuine vanilla extract and afterward, we’re simply going to combine these fixings as one until they’re combined.

syrup with banana

If you don’t have oat milk for this recipe, you can use any plant-based milk, and honestly, we’ve even tested it with water and it worked out really well. So that is another alternative in the event that you don’t have any plant-based milk in the house and you need to make it immediately. 


So let’s set that aside we’re gonna add baking powder salt and cinnamon to our oat flour here the reason we mix the dry ingredients together so there’s not a big chunk of salt or a big chunk of baking powder directly in a piece of the muffin this way everything’s joined and afterward we simply dump it into the wet mixture.


Now we’re going to mix the wet and dry mix together. We like to use a spoon like this so I can actually scrape down the bowls but you can even mix this all in your blender if you wanted.

 And now we’re gonna add some rolled oats because they add more nutrition and a lot more fiber to these muffins.

oats mix

And then you can also add in mini chocolate chips. This is completely optional we’re using it to enjoy life because they are mostly allergy-free.

chocolate chips with oats

And now we’re going to line our muffin pan with our favorite muffin liners and you can use any liners you want but these ones actually release them up and so well and they have no oil and that is it. 

cups for cakes

We’re just gonna use a cookie scoop and just plop it on top with your favorite toppings, you could even do a crumb topping if you wanted. we’re doing something simple just oats and some chocolate chips

banana muffins with oats

Bake to make the Banana muffins with oats

Then you’re gonna bake these in the oven for about 18 to 21 minutes and don’t forget that chocolate chips are completely optional, they’re good with or without them, in fact, you can even add your own favorite toppings, let the kids go crazy and add whatever they like, nuts seeds or even dried fruit.

Banana muffins with oats

Then once they’re done out of the oven you want to pop them onto a baking rack to cool and your banana muffins with oats are done. They’re perfect for on-the-go they’re perfect for breakfast back to school. We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. If you have any questions for us, feel free to comment us below. Find our other healthiest recipes for fruit salad, veg salad, and sweet potato salads as well. Be sure to share this recipe and Follow us on our Instagram to explore more vegan recipes.

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