Brown Rice Vs White Rice

Brown Rice Vs White Rice

Thre are differences between Brown rice vs white rice. The Crop Initially reaped by the Farmer is known as Brown Rice and also known by the name Whole Grain Brown Rice. Further to this when the Brown rice is processed in the Mill out of the three layers present in brown rice (namely endosperm, Germ & Bran) two layers Germ and bran are removed, and hence only one layer remains (i.e Endosperm). This rice gets polished further to make white rice and is sold in the market. Let’s know about the difference between Brown rice vs white rice.

The basic difference of Brown Rice vs White Rice is as follows

  1. Brown rice is a natural rice Full of Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals and also contains Fibre, omega 3, Fatty Acids, Magnesium, B Vitamins while white rice is rich in Carbohydrate Content as the the two layers are removed during polishing.
  2. Brown rice takes a time longer to cook as compared to white rice because Brown rice is a whole grain crop.
  3. Glycemic Index of Brown Rice is low as compared to that of White Rice.
  4. Fibre Content in Brown Rice is low as compared to that of White Rice
  5. Brown Rice is difficult to Digest as compared to white Rice
  6. Brown Rice is mostly suitable to hard working people (like body builders, Athletes) as they require more energy during workout and the calories also gets burns faster during hard work on the other hand white rice is suitable to the persons with normal routine and lifestyle as it gets digest quickly.
  7. If one is following fat loss programme then white rice is most suitable as white rice helps in carb manipulate from our body and results in fat loss.
  8. If one is having more appetite then it is worth consuming brown rice because one cannot eat too much quantity of brown rice and it is filly content food due to which you will consume less amount of food intake.
  9. Fat Content in brown rice is more as compared to white rice
  10. Arsenic content is more in brown rice as the bran covering absorbs all the pesticides sprayed during its growth on other hand white rice is arsenic free grain.
  11. Brown rice is less tastier when consumed with other meals as compared to white rice.

Brown Rice water Ratio

For long-grain brown rice use, 1 ¼ cups water to 1 cup rice and for Short Grain use 1 ½ cups water, brown rice needs to be soaked for half an Hour so that Phytic acid is removed.


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