How Is Almond Milk Made


We do believe that everybody can benefit from more plant-based nutrition in their diets and almond milk is a great alternative to traditional milk. so for this out – we’ll show you how is almond milk made easily at home and its different health benefits.

Almond milk nutrition

Almond milk has become a trendy, dairy-free option for many who either prefer to avoid dairy or are simply looking to drink their coffee with an alternative that’s either better or as good as traditional choices. When it comes to caloric content, a cup of almond milk is somewhere around 30 calories, while the same amount of skim milk will be around 86 calories, to be precise.

Almond milk also has a bunch of benefits, such as the fact that the almond milk varieties that you get off the shelves are often enriched with nutrients like vitamin E, calcium, and vitamin D.

Almond milk ingredients

Before you make almond milk you need to soak 1 cup of raw, preferably organic almonds in some cold filtered water. 

How is almond milk made

The steps are super easy to know how is almond milk made at home. First, get nearly 1 and 1/2 cups of raw almonds in a bowl. And then add cold water to it.

You need just enough water to cover your almonds and the goal is to let them sit anywhere between 8 and 48 hours by soaking them overnight. So what you can do is, set it up after dinner or right before going to bed and this way when you wake up in the morning, the almonds are ready to go.

how is almond milk made

What you’ll notice is that once your almonds have soaked they’ll absorb some of that water and get really plump. So what you want to do is drain out the soaking liquid and then get the almonds into the water.

how is almond milk made

After that rinse the almonds very well in normal water.

how is almond milk made

Now for every one cup of almonds that you have you’re gonna need four cups of water and again just make sure that it’s water you’d be comfortable drinking. Now technically we can say, these are the only two ingredients you need to make almond milk

how is almond milk made

So you can add 4-5 cups of water with 1 and 1/2 cups of almonds.

how is almond milk made

But we would like to add a little bit of flavor and sweetness to the almond milk so we can also add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and one pitted date. Dates are naturally super sweet so this is going to sweeten up our almond milk without having to use any processed sugars.

And then just one little baby kiss of salt, which may seem weird but the salt really brings out the sweetness of the vanilla and the date in the almond milk and it just takes it right over the top.
So let’s add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, one pitted date, and a little salt

Then pop a lid on and you’re just going to blend this up for about a minute and a half or until all the almonds have broken down and you can check that you’ve got a nice light creamy frothy almond milk

how is almond milk made

So you can play with the flavorings as well. If you like chocolate almond milk you can add in a little cocoa powder, if you want it all to be a little sweeter you could throw in an extra date too. We would recommend experimenting a little bit until you find the flavor that is perfect for you.

Now It will look perfect in the mixer. it’s light its frothy it’s exactly what we’ll be looking for so what we need to do now is separate the almond milk from the almond pulp so what we do is we take a fine mesh strainer, lay that on top of a four-cup measuring cup and then line it with a piece of cheesecloth and then slowly but surely you want to pour the almond milk on top of the cheesecloth through the strainer

And what you’ll see is that all of the milk is going to drop to the bottom and all of the almond meal is going to stay up in the cheesecloth feel free to grab a spatula and just help it along a bit

how is almond milk made

Then once it looks like it’s drained out as much as it’s going to on its own pull up all the sides of the cheesecloth and then just strain out every last bit that you can get

how is almond milk made

And then what you’re left with is this light frothy creamy fresh almond milk. It’s light, bright, clean & fresh, so much better than anything we usually get at the grocery stores and too easy not to try.

how is almond milk made

Now store it in an airtight container that you have. Putting it in jars looks great; they’re like little milk jars that come with a lid and they’ll last in your fridge for three to five days. It’s easy to follow these steps to know how is almond milk made.

Almond milk pulp

Now as for the almond pulp aka the almond meal this is the protein and the fat from the almonds and there’s a lot you can do with this you can use it in baking I showed you guys how to use it in almond pancakes you can also toast this up in the oven and then you have a nice light toasty almond crunch that you can put on top of oatmeal or on top of your yogurt.

Lots of different things to do and if you’ve ever made almond milk yourself I’m curious to know what you do with the leftover almond meal.

Is Almond milk good for you?

Why should you drink almond milk more often? Milk is a good source of calcium and protein but it has lactose in it and as of now about 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. It can cause digestive problems for people who are lactose intolerant.

Almond milk is an alternative to dairy milk that contains no lactose and thus causes fewer digestion issues than regular cow’s milk does. It also tastes delicious and that’s why almond milk is becoming more and more popular nowadays. But is it really good for you?

almond milk Benefits

Here are the health benefits of almond milk. And you also know how you can prepare almond milk at home from the above. Almond nuts have been used by ancient civilizations as a source of nutrition. Same way almond milk is being used as a nutritious low-calorie drink. Almond milk is completely plant-based which makes it suitable for vegans. Specifically, this is an excellent alternative to dairy milk for a vegan and those with lactose intolerance

Many people are unable to completely digest regular milk which may cause several health issues for them. For those people, almond milk is a fabulous alternative. Almond milk is low in fat and is said to be high in energy proteins, lipids, and fiber. It is also enriched with vitamin c, vitamin b6, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, and vitamin e.

Here are the very important benefits of almond milk that you should know before using it

1) It helps in weight management Almond milk contains much lower calories than cow’s milk. Unsweetened almond milk contains 80 percent lesser calories than regular dairy milk. So whenever you are trying to manage your weight, use almond milk as a replacement for cow’s milk. It could be an effective weight-loss strategy that gives you the desired result.

2) Good for heart health: Since almonds do not contain any cholesterol or saturated fat that keeps your heart healthy. Apart from that, it’s also high in healthy fats and low in sodium which helps to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease, It keeps your skin glowing.

It is rich in vitamin e which will protect your skin from the sun. Vitamin e is a powerful antioxidant that is essential for your skin’s health such as protecting it against sun damage. One cup of almond milk provides 20 to 50 percent of your daily vitamin e requirement

3) Good for bone health:- Almond milk is enriched with calcium to provide 20 to 45% of your daily requirements per serving. Calcium is particularly important for maintaining bone health. An adequate amount of calcium intake can reduce the risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

It controls your blood sugar. Unsweetened almond milk is low in carbs which won’t increase blood sugar. Due to its low glycemic index, whatever carbs are available, your body uses them as energy. Hence sugar is not stored as fat therefore almond milk is suitable for those restricting their sugar intake such as people with diabetes

4) It improves digestion:- Almond milk contains almost one gram of fiber per serving which is important for healthy digestion it relieves constipation and also improves and treats abdominal distension.

5) it doesn’t contain lactose:- Since almond milk is naturally lactose-free that is the main reason for its popularity. It is a suitable alternative for people who have lactose intolerance. due to all the mentioned benefits. you can use it in your daily diet you can use almond milk in any way that you use regular dairy milk like added to cereals, coffee, tea or used in a variety of recipes for cooking and baking 

How long does almond milk last

Assuming it’s a refrigerated container, it’s by and large suggested that once opened, it ought to be used within seven days

Almond milk (shelf-stable, opened)7 – 10 days
Almond milk (refrigerated, unopened)Use-by + 5 – 7 days
Almond milk (refrigerated, opened)7 days
Homemade almond milk3 – 4 days

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