How to cook sweet potato in Microwave[100% healthy]

How to cook sweet potato in a microwave

Hello foodies. We hope you are doing fantastic these days. In this blog, we’re going to make a very tasty and delicious quick and easy vegetarian recipe which has sweet soft, and really good to taste than normal potatoes. we’re going to know how to cook sweet potato in microwave with a very easy and quick process. One of the best quick appetizer recipes is you can eat at any time of the day and you will like it and without wasting your time let’s move to the recipe. 

Process for how to cook sweet potato in microwave

We have some sweet potatoes, we’re going to wash them first with cold water then we’ll put them into the microwave oven. We’re going to have cold water running. 

 We will place sweet potatoes inside the cold water. If your sweet potatoes have too much dirt on them then wash them really well you can use a brush and you can brush them off. If there is any dirt. but these are really clean so we really don’t need to brush and this is good enough 

sweet potato washing

After washing the sweet potatoes, place it in the plate and now we’ll take this one to microwave 

sweet potato

The microwave we have is a convection microwave. We can place it directly into that then I rack on it.  You can place it on top of there as well but we’re going to leave it in place. we’re going to close it and we’re going to do it for 10 minutes start and it will cook for 10 minutes.

sweet potato in microwave
how to cook sweet potato in microwave

After 10 minutes they will be ready with 20 seconds more to go. They are ready if they’re small once since we got to and ten minutes perfect and if we take it out now. You can take more time if you want. Then you can touch it, it just soft and the sweet potatos are so hot inside. So Don’t try to peel it instantly.

sweet potato bake
how to cook sweet potato in microwave

These are all good so we’ll take the plate out and you can feel it they are soft, nice and if we pick up the first one and place it on a cutting board. 

These are so hot to remove the upper layer. So we’re going to show you how you can eat it. At first you can peel it with the help of a knife, and then use your hands. we can open it and it can nicely peel out. Just pull it so with the hand and thumb. We pull the upper layer. You really need to be careful while doing it, don’t burn yourself and you can see it.

sweet potato peeling
how to cook sweet potato in microwave

Just open up nicely and the same thing on the top and just cut these so that you can split it open.

After you peel it completely or a help, It easy to cut to the cubes with the help of a knife. You can keep it big or you can keep it small. So we’re just going to make sure that one We have our other plate ready and we’re going to collect it on a bowl. Make sure you don’t burn your fingers.

This is really delicious and it’s a quick and easy vegetarian recipe you can eat it any time of the day and you will enjoy it. If there is a little bit of skin attached to it then with the help of a knife just take it out. The best thing to do let it cool down for a couple of minutes before you handle it the whole skin peeled off. 

Then get the other sweet potatoes with the same process. Then the same thing we’re just going to run the knife right in the middle only we’re doing it so when we’re going to split it open look at this how the skin moves on the side. Then we’re going to cut it. Just cut it in cubical shapes with the knife.

sweet potato in a bowl
how to cook sweet potato in microwave

You can now simply eat this which will be so delicious and healthy. And if you want to make little spicer and more delicious you can add some of the other ingridients on it.

Use fresh lemon juice, black pepper, salt in very little amount, and chaat masala. Try with the chaat masala also this is really delicious very little amount and this will be perfect.

To make this chat, collect some pieces in a bowl.

How to cook sweet potato microwave

Add two spoon of lemon juice, Some coriander leaves, black pepper and 1-2 spoon chat masala

Then perfectly mix all and enjoy the delicious taste.

How to cook sweet potato microwave

It will be tuned out super tasty, very sweet and the chaat masala has its own flavor and this is with the salt and black pepper. We can make many dishes with sweet potato-like parathas and Chaat. We can make delicious chaat without using oil. These are really healthy snacks for kids.

Make it at your home and we hope you will love it. You can make our other vegetarian recipes like Dinner salad Recipe, Vegan salad pasta, Fruit salad, and more. You can follow us on Instagram for our latest updates. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to get notified of our upcoming recipes. Thank you and have a great day everyone.

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