Mayonnaise how to make[at home]

how to make Mayonnaise

Everyone loves mayonnaises. Today we will be going to make the mayonnaise recipe quick and easy. You can make it at home like a restaurant by following the steps below.

Mayonnaise how to make in easy steps:-

Step-1) First, we will take one grinding jar, then add 1/2 spoon vinegar to it or you can use 1 spoon of lemon juice instead of it. Because it helps to emulsify the oil. Add 1 spoon of salt for taste and a pinch of sugar to balance the taste of sour.

mayonnaise recipe

Step-2) Then the mixture is ready for grinding. Shake it a little then on the next we will add the essential ingredient of the mayonnaise recipe i.e. Oil. We will add double the amount of oil to the milk we have added. So the ratio of milk and oil in the mixture is 1:2. [ Milk:oil= 1:2 ]

mayonnaise recipe

Step-3) Then we will start grinding the mixture. We will check 2-3 times between the grinding to check the thickness. If the thickness is not balanced you can add more oil to it then grind it for 15-20 sec. Now it’s ready and will look super creamy and thick. But make sure if you add excessive oil then the mayonnies recipe will immulsify.

mayonnaise recipe

Mayonnaise how to make

The solution of it is you can balance it by adding 1- spoon more milk and then grind.

Tips- Don’t add oil at a time, grind in between and add oil

mayonnaise recipe

So this Mayonnaise is now ready. Now you can see It’s Thick and creamy like brand mayonnaise. But if you need more creamy. We will make it a little different way.[ Because some of us loves to eat thick mayonnaise and some of us loves to eat little thicken mayo.]

The process and recipe is same to make the 2nd mayonnaise but the way is little different.

Step-1) Take a bowl of milk, add 1/4 spoon sugar and pinch of salt and 1/2 spoon vinegar to mix it well then mix it through hand blender. The mayonnaise make with hand blender, turns out the best mayonnaise you will get.

Step-2) So grind it through hand blender. Then start adding oil while grinding. Then ratio of oil is double than the milk like before But add the oil less quantity regularly with the milk to get the best mayonnaise.

mayonnaise recipe

Step-3) So while grinding add the oil and check the thickness at a time. As you pouring oil timely with the grinding then you can see the result at last.

mayonnaise how to make

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Mayonnaise recipe making [at home]

The essential item of every snacks and tiifins in everyday life. we would love to eat with variety of sandwitches to burgers and many more fast food items. But here is a simple and quick proess to get the healther and tastier mayonnaise without having eggs. You all will love after trying once.


  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1/2 tbsp vinegar/lemon juice
  • 1/2 tbsp salt
  • 1/4 tbsp sugar
  • 2 cup Oil


  1. take 1 cup of milk on a jar and add vinegar/lemon juice , salt and sugar on it. Then shake a little.
  2. Then Add 2 cup oil to it. I.e [milk:oil= 1:2] ratio. and grind it well.
  3. Make sure don’t add the oil at a time instead of adding frequently to get the mayonnaise creamy and thick.
  4. then pour it to a bowl and use it on sandwitchs and any breakfast foods you have.

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