Recipe for Veg Spring Roll

Recipe for Veg Spring Roll

The logic behind the name to call this recipe for veg spring roll is that it is made on the First Day of the spring with lots of spring vegetables and hence this recipe is called veg spring rolls in China

Steps to recipe for veg spring roll

We have divided this recipe in the following steps:

  1. Recipe for Spring Roll Patti or Sheets
  2. Steps for Filling the spring Roll
  3. Cooking and cutting the Veg Spring roll

So let’s begin the recipe with:  

Step 1: How to Make Spring Roll Patti

  • Take a Empty bowl and Add 3/4th cup of Maida or 100 Grms of Maida
  • Take ½ cup of Corn flour or you can also add arraroute in place of Corn flour
  • Add 250 ML or 1 Cup of Water and Mix all the above ingredients well till it becomes a smooth batter
  • Again Add 120 ML of Water in it so that the batter become very thin like water
  • Remember while making the Patti for spring roll, the Patti will be very sticky and wet due to which it will stick with each other and it will be difficult to make them separate, in order to remove this problem we will take one steel dish and we will sprinkle corn flour on this dish also know as corn starch. Always keep one cup corn flour handy with you every time
  • Take a Donga Fry Pan/ Tava which will be helpful for making a Patti and Place it on a stove
  • When it becomes a medium hot, pour 1 karchi batter and rotate it.
  • Allow it to cook on low flame and drain the extra batter so that the patti does not become thick
  • When the batter gets cooked you will notice that it gets raising from all its corners and hence pull it with your own hands (Don’t use any utensils for pulling this patti)
  • Put this on the steel plate in which you have sprinkled the corn flour
  • Repeat the Steps 7 to 10 for making such pattis
  • Cover the Pattis with a cloth so that it does not become dry
  • The patties so prepared can be packed in a plastic Bag & preserved for one month in the freezer of your Fridge and when you want to consume keep it out only for 15 minutes it will again become soft.

Step 2: Steps for making the fillings of Spring Roll

  • Place a Kadhai on the Stove on Medium flame and after heating add 1 spoon of oil (Remember do not use more oil as excess oil will start to get drain after your spring roll gets fried)
  • When the oil gets heated add 2-3 cloves of grated garlic, Chopped Green Chilli-1, Schezwan chutney-02 tablespoon
  • Mix the above and stir this for one minute till you get a good smoky flavour
  • Add grated onion-1, grated capcicum-1/2, long cutted carrot-1 and cook all this vegetables for 2 minutes on a high flame
  • Add salt & black pepper as per taste, Add red chilli sauce-02 table spoon, Soya sauce-01 table spoon and stir this for 30 seconds and then add Cabbage. ( if you dislike cabbage then you can also add noodles )
  • Mix all the above and cook for 02 minutes ( Do not overcook as overcooking will start to release water)
  • Take a plate and empty all the vegetables and spread it so that it gets cooled quickly
  • Take a board and place the spring roll sheets on it and start filling the vegetable from one end of the Patti in a form of a line.
  • Fold from the two corners and start rolling for 3 times and at the last fold apply the paste of Maida (1/4th Cup) and water so that the spring roll does not get opened while frying in the oil

Step 3: Cooking and cutting the Veg spring roll

  • Spring roll can be baked or can be fried, if you are baking then remember to bake it at Highest temperature of 250c tills it turns golden brown
  • Fry the spring roll on a medium flame for first 3-4 minutes so that the Inner layer of the spring roll also gets fried properly turning it to be golden brown and wrinkles will be seen on the body of the spring roll (remember that if you are frying the spring roll on high flame colour will turn brown but inner layer will not be cooked properly)
  • Take out the above cooked spring roll in a plate and allow the oil to get heated on a high flame once it gets heated to high flame again put the spring rolls for frying to get crunchy results till it gets golden brown.
  • Take the spring rolls off the kadhai and put it on a plate with tissue paper to absorb the excess oil and cut the spring roll with a knife and is ready to be served with chutney.
  • The spring roll will remain crunchy for nearly 45 minutes if this recipe is followed properly.


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Veg spring Roll

The logic behind the name to call this recipe a veg spring roll is that it is made on the First Day of the spring with lots of spring vegetables and hence this recipe is called veg spring rolls in China



  • 100 gm Maida
  • 1/2 cup Cornflour power
  • 1 tbsp Oil
  • 2-3 No. clove
  • 2 piece green chilli
  • 2 tbsp schezuan chutney
  • 1 piece onion
  • 1/2 piece capsicum
  • 1 piece carrot
  • 2 tbsp Red chilli sauce
  • 1 tbsp soya sauce
  • 50 gm cabbage/noodles
  • black peper
  • salt

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