Easy Strawberry Crunch Cake Recipe

Strawberry Crunch Cake

Remembering those delightful bits of strawberry crisps? This layered cake with the crispness outside made the whole day for any person.

With a mix of freeze-dried strawberries & squashed vanilla wafer treats, you can get a super testy strawberry crunch cake recipe. It’s wanton, tomfoolery, tasty and nostalgic!

You can use frozen strawberries in two ways in this recipe. In the strawberry disintegrate, yet additionally integrated into a piece of the buttercream coat. Because of this, they effectively make two or three layers inside the cake with strawberry enhanced glaze.

Strawberry Crunch Cake Recipe
Strawberry crunch cake recipe

Basic and simple: the strawberry crunches are produced using Golden Oreos and the cake hitter is produced using straightforward storeroom well-disposed fixings.

Sodden strawberry cake: the yogurt in the player keeps this cake very wet.

Dynamic strawberry flavour: new strawberries are in the player and hold-up dried strawberries are in the disintegrate and icing for the BEST character!

Heavenly crunch: the strawberry crunch covering lifts this cake making it ideal for an extraordinary event

Ingredients for Strawberry crunch cake recipe

  • Cake flour or regular flour
  • Baking powder and Baking pop
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil, or dissolved spread (dairy-allowed to keep it vegetarian!)
  • Granulated sugar or pure sweetener
  • Plain unsweetened yogurt (I utilized dairy-free like Silk Almond Yogurt)
  • Vanilla concentrate
  • Strawberries

The Main Components for Strawberry crunch cake recipe

This layered layer cake has a couple of primary parts. While considering making this cake, I originally thought about every one of the flavours that are in these nostalgic strawberry shortcake frozen yogurt bars.

These cake bars have a strawberry internal, vanilla outside & shortcake disintegration on the outside. To catch these flavours in this layer cake, we’ll have to make the accompanying parts:

  • Strawberry Layer Cake
  • Vanilla Whipped Cream
  • Strawberry Buttercream
  • Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles
Strawberry Crunch Cake Recipe
Strawberry crunch cake recipe

Tools you can use to Prepare Strawberry crunch cake recipe

Food Processor: mix the Golden Oreos and freeze-dried strawberries into a coarse scrap for the crunchy beating

Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer: to beat the whipped cream to firm tops for the filling

Enormous Mixing Bowl: to make the player

Round Cake Pans: to heat the cake!

Steps to prepare strawberry crunch cake recipe

This simple strawberry crunch cake recipe is extraordinary because you can make the cake player in one bowl! (Fewer dishes, yippee!) The more you use the fresh strawberry, the more tests you get from this cake. So fresh strawberries are a great option to prepare it!

This recipe makes 3 six-inch cakes that you can stack on top of each other. This is the ideal estimated cake since it makes 8 enormous cuts, however, its little size makes it simple to collect and store!

  • Set up the round cake skillet by splashing them with a non-leave cooking shower and fixing the bottoms with material paper. This will assist the cakes with eliminating effectively once heated.
strawberry cream for cake
  • Then, you’ll cream the oil or softened (veggie lover) margarine in a huge blending bowl and include the sugar. When it’s lighter in variety and fleecy, you can add the sans dairy yogurt, vanilla, and strawberry puree.
  • Include the flour, baking powder, baking pop, and salt on top of the wet blend. With a fork, filter the dry fixings together, then blend the wet in with the dry until recently joined. Assuming you’d like a more dynamic pink tone, you can include a couple of drops of food shading now!
  • After everything is blended, you can empty the player into the pre-arranged dish and heat it on the middle rack for 22-25 minutes. The tops ought to be brilliant brown & a toothpick ought to eliminate neatly when embedded into the focal point of the cake.
  • Following 1-2 minutes, eliminate the cakes from the skillet by turning them tenderly over. On the off chance that the cakes don’t eliminate, tenderly run a blade around the beyond the container to assist with releasing them. Make certain to cool them totally on a wire rack before icing!
strawberry crunch cake recipe maiking


coconut whipped cream

To get that cool coconut ‘frozen yogurt’ flavour, place coconut whipped cream in the middle of between the cake layers. To make this coconut whipped cream, you’ll require the accompanying fixings:

  • Coconut Milk or Cream
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Corn starch

To make the whipped cream, mix the coconut milk and a big part of the powdered sugar into a bowl.

Blend them on low speed until joined & then add the excess powdered sugar, vanilla, and corn starch. Combine them as one until they structure firm pinnacles.


strawberry buttercream

I’ve decided on a strawberry buttercream frosting in this natively constructed cake recipe to assist with featuring the strawberry flavour. Assuming you’d like, you can make vanilla buttercream all things considered.

Adhere to similar guidelines in this icing recipe however preclude the freeze-dried strawberries to make it vanilla enhanced.

Frequently, while making natural product seasoned icings, the corrosive in the natural product can make the fat in the margarine turn sour. This recipe is incredible in light of the fact that the holdup dried strawberries don’t do this yet give us that astounding strawberry flavour!


strawberry crumble

To make this strawberry shortcake disintegrate covering, you just need 2 fixings! They are:

  • Brilliant Oreos
  • Freeze Dried Strawberries

To start with, you’ll need to eliminate the cream community from the Oreos. Then you’ll beat them momentarily in the food processor to break them into a coarse disintegrate. Then, you’ll add the freeze-dried strawberries to the food processor and heartbeat them with the Oreos until they are more modest in size.

Assembling all

When your cakes have cool down, then is the ideal time to gather all the parts! Begin by turning the main layer over.

Spread an even layer of the whipped cream on top of the cake. Then afterward sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of the crunch covering on top.

Stack the following layer of cake on the whipped cream with the level side looking up. Spread more whipped cream and crunch covering on this layer. Finish it off with the third cake layer with the level side looking up.

Then, apply a scrap coat to the cake layers. 

3 ways to make the cake more delicious

strawberry crunch cake recipe
Strawberry crunch cake recipe

Freeze the cake layers: Enclose the cakes with saran wrap and freeze the cake layers preceding frosting and gathering making the entire interaction much more straightforward.

Cool the buttercream and whipped cream: Working with freezing whipped cream and buttercream likewise helps make the gathering more straightforward.

Prep the frosting and whipped cream while the cakes cool: This will save bunches of time! Now your strawberry crunch cake recipe is ready.

I hope, you will try this strawberry crunch cake recipe in your home and share this with your family and friends. Share your views on this recipe with me; I would love to hear you. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too. If you have any questions for us, feel free to comment below. Find our other vegan desserts as well.

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