Strawberry Milkshake recipe [Easy Making]

Strawberry Milkshake

Strawberry milkshake Recipe

let’s do a milkshake and a very nice and cooling milkshake would be a strawberry milkshake recipe if strawberries are in season you should make this milkshake because once they are not available you will surely miss it.  And if you have fresh strawberries nothing like it.  So to make a strawberry milkshake what all do we need we need

  •  Strawberry crush 
  • Powdered sugar 
  • Milk 
  • 7 to 8 chopped fresh strawberries these are medium-sized strawberries 
  • 2 to 3 ice cubes 
  • 200ml plain vanilla ice cream of any good brand or homemade 2 TSP sugar or as per your taste 
  • 1/2 cup very very cold milk and some whipped cream for garnishing so in a tall container or any other container.

 Take 7 to 8 chopped fresh strawberries to this add 2 TSP sugar or as per your taste. 

 After you have organized all your ingredients the first thing that we have to do is we have to chill these glasses because milkshake is something which has to be served chilled and if the glasses are also kept chilled nothing like it. So we will put this in the freezer. 

so before you begin the glasses have to be kept frozen

The process to make strawberry milkshake recipe:-

We will now take a blender jar and in this will first add the strawberries.  So strawberries in this along with that will add some powdered sugar.

xhopped strawberries

 the strawberries are quite sour they’re not very sweet so you have to add a little bit of sugar to this

 now what we’ll do is we’ll churn this without the milk.


that’s the reason that we have churned this without milk is that once you add the milk and the strawberries together there could be a possibility that the strawberries may not get totally blended in the milkshake and we have to have a nice smooth milkshake for which we need the strawberries to be pureed really well. 

strawberry milkshake grinding

so first we blend the strawberries and the powdered sugar in this now we add some strawberry crush.  this will give nice color also to the milkshake and we’ll top it up with chilled milk.

strawberry milkshake

 Whenever you have to make a milkshake you can also add vanilla ice cream to it.  what happens is your milkshake instantly becomes cold and chilled and it also gives good thickening through the entire thing.  

 So a thick shake or thick smoothie with Vanilla ice cream tastes amazing but you may not have ice cream every day in your refrigerator and this is something very basic. To go another level up you can add vanilla ice cream or you could add strawberry ice cream in case of a strawberry shake or chocolate ice cream instead of a chocolate shake. 

So that is how you can actually build up with your milkshakes this is very basic 

The strawberry milkshake is ready now let’s make some garnish for the glass. We have a satay stick with us which we’re going to cut because the glasses that we’re using are not quite tall and then break it here like this same thing with the other one.

Strawberry milkshake garnishing

We have some fresh strawberries with us. just cut them in half. 

This way the garnish is ready.  Now let’s get the glasses out of the freezer. Now It’s so chilled we’ll pour the milkshake. So after you have poured this, we will arrange the garnish on the rim of the glass like this and that’s it. 

Garnishing is very simple but it looks really attractive.  The strawberry milkshake is again a very simple recipe. It’s very tasty. Make this recipe and garnish the glasses just the way we have made it and you’ll be very proud of yourself.

strawberry milkshake recipe

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